Garage Sale

Chair:  Deby Wilson
Contact the church office for more information.

•Held annually on a Saturday in

•Parishioners are invited to bring items

    and clothing in good condition for     

•Volunteers are needed to sort, mark,

    and sell the items. 
•Proceeds are used for upkeep of the

    Parish Center or other parish


Church Dinner

•Mandy DeDonder, Chair


Fall Parish Dinner:
Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018
-5:00 - 7:00 PM
-Tickets:  $10:00/person

     Available from any parishioner or church office.

-Menu...Ham Loaf with Mustard Sauce

             Potatoes au Gratin

             Seasoned Green Beans

             "Our Own" Cabbage Relish

             Rolls and Butter


             Coffee and Tea
Bake Sale
-10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Set Up at Sterl Hall
-Mon.,  Oct. 15, 2018

Committee Chairs Meeting
Time:  6:00 PM

•Ladies, Letters with committees and

   jobs will be mailed soon.
   Please check each of the committee

   areas as you may be on more than

   one activity.

•Organized by the Ladies of St. Andrew,

   this annual event requires many

   volunteers (men & women) from the

   parish to set up, prepare food, serve

   food, and clean up.
•Tickets for the hamloaf dinner are sold

   throughout the Abilene community. 
•In conjunction with the dinner the 

   Ladies raffle a quilt and sell baked


•Held the third Tuesday of October.
     Oct. 18, 2016

•Several committees work to make this

   a success.

​Auction - Church Dinner - Garage Sale

St. Andrew Parish organizations help to keep our parish a very active

and involved place to learn and worship.
Contact the church office for information on any of these.

•Feb.  10, 2018,


Chris Bacon,

         Chair & School Principal

Auction-Community Thank You

Auction-Parish & committee Thanks

•Incudes a silent and oral auction     

    of items donated, a buffet, &     

•Held during late Jan., Feb., or     

    early March.
•Proceed used to help 
    St. Andrew's Elementary     


•Volunteers needed for various

    tasks; set up for and clean up

    after the auction; prepare and

    serve food and beverages; clear

    tables during the auction; collect


a roman catholic church of the salina diocese

Abilene, KS