Abilene, KS

a roman catholic church of the salina diocese

•Monthly Committee Coor.
     J. Kippenberger, Chair

•Public Relations & Register Coor. 
    J. Kippenberger, Chair

    P. Peterson, Chair

    M. Steinhauser; Co-Chair
    T. Rohleder, Co-Chair

Ladies of St. Andrew

•Bake Sale
​     F. Johnson, Co-Chair

     M. Steinhauser, Co-Chair

•Funeral Dinners

     R. Kerbs, Chair

•Garage Sale

     D. Wilson, Chair

•Lenten Luncheon

     J. Myers, Chair

•Altar Server Cassocks
    J. Anguiano, Co-Chair

     D. Baier, Co-Chair
     J. Tompkins, Co-Chair

     All Monthly Committees

•Fall Dinner
     J. Cross, Chair

Ladies of St. Andrew
    •To become acquainted with one another.
    •To respond to the needs of those in the parish.
    •To visit our shut-ins and those members of our parish in nursing 
    •To make our monthly committees a more active part of our 
    •To encourage spiritual growth.

    •Maintenance and upkeep of the 
    •Furnishing of Church, Rectory,

     and Social Rooms.
    •Promote the spiritual welfare of 
      members living and deceased.
    •Works of charity.

    •Every lady in the parish is 

      considered a member of this 

      group and is assigned to a circle.

Ladies of St. Andrew 

    Every other month on the 
    first Monday.

***Ladies Meeting***

•Mondays, 6:00 PM

•For dates see bulletin

President - Denise Zawacki

    Vice Pres. - L. Berland
    Secretary - D. Whitehair
    Treasurer - T. Rankin
    Past Pres. - J. Cross

St. Andrew Parish organizations help to keep our parish a very active

and involved place to learn and worship.

Contact the church office for information on any of these.

Ladies of St. Andrew Sub-commisions:
(Some commission are linked to their own web page providing  more information.)