Abilene, KS

a roman catholic church of the salina diocese

Liturgical Ministries


   Group vocalists lead and encourage the

   assembly to participate in the sung

   prayer during the celebration of parish

   Choirs include:  Traditional, Folk,

                              Men's, Youth, Children.

•Gift bearer
   Present the bread, wine, and collection

   basket to the presider during the

   Offertory of the liturgy.  
   Families, couples, individuals will be

   assigned to a weekend Mass every four

   to six weeks.

   Assist the presider in sharing the     

   church reading during the liturgical


•Altar server
   Assist the presider in the liturgical    

   Annual training.

•Communion servers
   Assist the presider in distributing the

   bread and wine to those attending the 

   liturgical  celebration.

   Individual vocalists lead and encourage

   the assembly to participate in the sung 

   prayer during the celebration of parish


    (organist, pianist, guitar)
    Accompany the cantors and choirs in leading

    the assembly in sung prayer.

•Music librarian
   Keep the music files organized and pull music

   to assemble choir books, when necessary, for

   funerals or major celebrations, i.e.     

   Christmas & Easter.


   Help parishioners find a seat, if necessary;

   take up the collection
   Direct visitors to the restrooms.

Liturgical Ministries:     Liturgy Coordinator:  Theresa Brierton
Contact the church office for more information on these ministries.

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St. Andrew Parish ministries help to keep our parish a very active and involved place to learn and worship.