Scholarships (continued)

Ladies of St Andrew
     -One $750 scholarship offered
     -Due April 1

    -Two $500 scholarships offered
    -Due April 1

    -Due April 1

Scholarships available.

Salina Diocese -     

     Scholarships Offered

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Kruse Scholarship

    -Limited number of scholarships offered, up 

    -July 1

Marymount Scholarship

     -Up to $1000

     -Due July 1

Five scholarships are available to students attending and actively involved in activities at St. Andrew Parish Abilene, KS.

•Click on the links on the right to open a copy of the scholarship  application form.
•Print the form.
•Follow the directions for that

•Return it by the provided date.


Scholarships Offered


    -Two $1000 scholarships
    -Due April 1

Knights of Columbus
    -One $750 scholarship offered
    -Due April 1


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Abilene, KS